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The MARE conference 2021

01. July 2021

The MARE People

and the Sea Conference (Online)

Fishing as everyday moral practice 

Our researchers Wijnand Boonstra and Hanna Wernersson presented the findings of their study of urban fishing practices in Stockholm at the 11th MARE People and the Sea Conference. They demonstrate that the capital of Sweden hosts a myriad of fishing practices; the fisher(wo)men of Stockholm use different methods and gear, target different species, and some keep the catch while others release it. These practices reflect different and sometimes conflicting moralities—ideas of the rights and responsibilities fishers hold toward the fish. See abstract and presentation here.

MARE, the Centre for Maritime Research, is an interdisciplinary social science organization interested in the use and management of marine resources and organizes international courses, conferences, and seminars on specific maritime topics. 



16. August 2020


Strömparterren, Stockholm

Fishing in the city for food

Please join Sofie Joosse (researcher at SLU) on an urban fishing trip. From a slightly uncomfortable fishing chair, and equipped with rod you will get acquainted with the often forgotten but worldwide practice of fishing for food in the city. You will together with Sofie meet a variety of fish, perhaps discuss urban fish stocks, urban pollution and contaminated fish, maybe even animal welfare and ethics, and how urban fishing can be a nice case to rethink our relationship with food, city and sustainability.​


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