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Urban fishing

using the blue spaces of the city

for food and leisure

What is urban fishing?

Urban fishing refers to fishing in the blue spaces of our cities, such as canals, lakes, rivers or ponds. is a platform for researchers, planners, and anybody interested in current research and insights into urban fishing for food. Here, we focus specifically on fishing for food in city centres and pay attention to issues of access, environmental justice, ethics, human and fish health, and urban planning.

City fishing is a widespread phenomena. Urban dwellers fish for leisure, but also for food. Within research, there is an increasing interest for the role of urban sourced food. Focus tends, however, to be on food produced in urban gardens and other urban green spaces. We therefore know little about the food that is sourced from urban blue spaces. On these online pages we gather information, account for existing research, and recount our own research on the topic of urban fishing for food.

What is your fish story?

Please share your story with us! Whatever your story is, we are interested: do you do research on urban fishing? Or plan for it? Do you have childhood memories of fishing in the city? Or perhaps you are not in favor of fishing in the city? Or have some questions that you think should be researched?

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